1 Hour Professional RPG Training/Consulting – One-on-one – Remote – Hawke Robinson (GMV (Master Level)


1 hour of one-on-one consulting/training by Master GM, Certified GM-V Hawke Robinson, by remote access.


Hawke Robinson will provide you with 1 hour of professional, research-based, role-playing game training, via remote access (phone, Skype, etc.). Hawke is “2017 Trustee of the Year” for The RPG Brain Trust, founder of RPG Therapeutics LLC (2014), The RPG Research Project (2004), and has been involved with RPGs for nearly 40 years.

Hawke is an uncertified Level V Game Master (GM-V = 35+ years Game Master experience)

AND Level V Certified Game Master (CGM-V (master level): a certified GM has passed the rigorous standards of GM Certification at rpgcert.com )

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