About Us

RPG Professionals is a service platform by RPG Therapeutics LLC ( rpgtherapeutics.com ), enabling professional Game Masters and prospective players, to find the right play style combination for the ideal gaming experience.

The RPG Professionals (and related) platform supports all RPG formats, including:

  • Tabletop
  • Live-action (LARP)
  • Computer-based

Supporting platforms include:

RPG Therapeutics LLC’s founder, Hawke Robinson, began with RPGs in the 1970s, formally taught RPGs at a high school for gifted & talented children in the mid 1980s, founded RPG Research ( www.rpgresearch.com ) in 2004, and incorporated the LLC in 2014.

RPG Professionals began early prototyping in 2010, but existing Internet technologies, and user expectations, were not quite “there yet”. We believe that now both technologies and user expectations are finally ready. The platform began beta-testing in mid-2017.


GM Levels

In order to help our customers find the right match for their needs, we have implemented a GM ranking level roughly based on the ranking levels established by RPG Therapeutics LLC some years ago, based on experience levels.

Uncertified GM Levels

GM-0 (Level 0) = Less than 2 years Game Master experience, and considered a “trainee”.

GM-I (Level 1) = 2 to 5 years GM experience, and considered a “novice” GM.

GM-II (Level 2) = 6 to 10 years GM experience, and considered a “moderately experienced” GM.

GM-III (Level 3) = 11 to 20 years GM experience, and considered an “experienced” GM.

GM-IV (Level 4) = 21 to 30 years GM experience, and considered a “veteran” GM.

GM-V (Level 5) = 31+ years GM experience, and considered a “master” GM.

Certified GM Levels

CGM-1 –


CGM-III – Journeyman


CGM-V – Master


We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.